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Samhain 2015


801px-Dark_forestMaybe because it is a rainy day, and they can always draw me inside myself, or because it is now officially the ‘Dark Time’ of year, or perhaps it is the medical procedure I underwent earlier this week, but Samhain this year is less raucous, more quiet, and much more contemplative.

The day started at the butt-crack of dawn to attend an early ritual to grant a Third Degree to a New High Priestess within my beloved Tradition, American Tradition of the Goddess. There are many of us now, though as one of the newest High Priestesses, I hear stories of the days when we were few. Initiations always bring tears. Remembering one’s own; the beautiful and poetic liturgy that is read never cease to move me, no matter how many I experience. This one was moving in many ways.

It was my first Third Degree outdoors. The morning mist had barely cleared as we gathered in a damp grotto still wet from the heavy rains all night. With each morning breeze, the tall trees emptied their rain drops onto us in great blotchy drops of cold surprise. As we are naked for our rites of Initiation, our bodies soon grew accustomed to the chilly, damp air. We would suffer the heat afterward in our now-restrictive clothes once we were inside, back to our muggle selves.

As is often the case for Thirds, we end with a chalice of some luscious alcoholic drink, this time containing Celtic Honey and Pomegranate Juice. Surprisingly good, I might add. It will be just a taste since we have Samhain ritual tonight, and our tradition does not allow drinking prior to ritual, except in ritual if it is called for. Often Thirds are followed by a great break-the-fast feast with plenty of alcohol, garlic, and often meat, because the Initiate is craving those items. Today, the meat and garlic had to suffice for our feasting.

When I return home, I am held hostage by my beloved Significant Other and his exasperated political talk, but my heart and mind are within, dreaming of Faery and Divination begging to be visited. Later, I tell them. I will see you all Later. My SO is a Muggle who does not understand my commitment to Wicca and fondness for Witchcraft. He is often amused, and usually perplexed, but does not share my interests.

Though I have not mentioned anything to the Goddess or God yet, seekers are seeking me out. Three just today. I muse that it might be Samhain calling to people of a certain nature, but my inbox has been full of seekers this last two weeks. I feel certain that we will find wonderful new students for the coming year of studies within the coven, but for today, I am content to go within and experience the dark. The cauldron of rebirth is full of starlight and darkness just now, swirling around and around, calling me to come experience the Divine. Tonight I will honor Hecate and draw cards to see what Wisdom She might have for me.

May your Samhain be as dark as you need, my little pretties.

So mote it be.



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