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burning candle

Brighid is the Spark that Lights the Wick.
I am the Candle.
Light my Wick, O’ Precious Brighid
That I may serve as You.

Inspire in me a Well of Creativity that never runs dry
Inspire in me a Fire in the Head that never stops burning

O’ Good Brighid, Lady of Green, Lady of the Spring, Lady of the Wells
Forge me into an instrument of resound, a tool for transformation, a well of wisdom.

Make me a Light Shining into the Darkness
Building a path through the heart to the Other side.

O’ Goddess Brighid – I see You!

[Inspired by the wonderful “30 Days of Brigid: A Daily Sacred Pause of Creative Inspiration” by Joanna Powell Colbert]


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Source: Real Witches See Possibility

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