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I am cut to the quick –

Betrayal slices open my heart and walks away

There will be no solace from the west – only predators.


My anger is covered over with Labradorite layers of hurt

The slow flame shining through the rock

But there is no burning off the sorrow.


Strength is drowning in my deep well.

My deep well – no longer safe – cannot/will not bring me home.

I am rudderless on the black ocean of stars – it is quiet except for my pain.


A swirling, spinning spiral swallows each one in its chaotic grip

At a word.

It is voracious. Its name is Rumor. There are many children.


How do I move through the lies thick as honey – to see a sunrise?

When everything falls away, who will be gone?

Will I know myself?

Will I be whole?


What will I be?


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