On December 31, 2019, I pulled Tarot and Oracle cards for 2020. I will often do a year spread to get a reading for each month.

I drew 3 cards for each month, from 3 different decks, answering the following 3 questions:

  1. What does the month hold for me?
  2. What is hidden or that I should watch out for?
  3. What action should I take?

I used the following Decks:

  1. For question ONE, I used The Froud Faeries Oracle (FF) by Brian Froud with text by Jessica Macbeth because it is always so accurate in my readings.
  2. For question TWO, I used The Wild Unknown Tarot (WU) by Kim Krans because they are direct with keywords for each card.
  3. For question THREE, I used Journey into the Hidden Realm (HR) by Barbara Moore with art by Julia Jeffrey because they are a journey through the unknown of card TWO, through the land of Fae set up by card ONE.

The Faeries Oracle

by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth

The Wild Unknown Tarot

by Kim Krans

Journey into the Hidden Realm Tarot

by Barbara Moore and Julia Jeffrey

Here is the shorter analysis and below that, the longer and more detailed card pulls and descriptions.


My commentary in italics for each month as I look back from today, January 24, 2021.

January –

  1. Overall – Honesty
  2. Hidden/Watch – Watch out for starting something new
  3. Action – Be patient

Well, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Who knew there would be a pandemic that would take all my patience to get through? The hardest part would be having to be honest with myself.

February –

  1. Overall – Mystical experience
  2. Hidden/Watch – Watch out for not recognizing what you have
  3. Action – Move forward but don’t forget to enjoy the ride

As February is my birthday month, I often feel it is very mystical. I set my plans for the year ahead and think about what the theme should be. I remember that I had a very hard time coming up with a theme or focus for the year, which was unusual. I would need to remember to be grateful and enjoy the ride in the following months after Shelter-in-Place orders were announced.

March –

  1. Overall – Chaos and breaking habits
  2. Hidden/Watch – Watch out for excessive habits
  3. Action – Lost in your own world – Share

Our world as we knew it ended in March of 2020. The Coronavirus was scary and no-one knew what to do. All activities outside the home stopped. All my normal habits were interrupted. I was lost in my own world and didn’t know what to do.

April –

  1. Overall – Travel through the Sacred Darkness
  2. Hidden/Watch – Watch that you don’t take anything for granted
  3. Action – Hang on – Things will get better

After a month of Shelter-in-Place orders, it was all I could do to hang on a hope things would get better. These were some of the hardest times through the dark of my own thoughts.

May –

  1. Overall – Unconditional giving and receiving
  2. Hidden/Watch – Watch out that your insecurities don’t interfere with giving and receiving
  3. Action – Determine what needs changing

I saw my community come together and take events online. It was a way to connect when we couldn’t see each other in person. I had to learn new ways of filling up my time. The news wasn’t good and we were in this for the long-haul.

June –

  1. Overall – Creativity and natural magic
  2. Hidden/Watch – Watch out that you do not upset your happy home
  3. Action – Need a fresh start for emotional renewal

By June, I had begun home-improvement projects and spent the next several months working outside on the deck with my partner, tiling furniture and cabinets, and painting furniture. Our home became our haven and sanctuary. I began looking for personal ways to express my spirituality.

July –

  1. Overall – Seek harmony and tranquility
  2. Hidden/Watch – Watch out for a mentor
  3. Action – Spend time with the moon/dreams/wisdom/dark to find the answers

I continued with home-improvement projects and began looking forward to regularly scheduled online connections. I knitted and created and listened to audiobooks late into the night.

August –

  1. Overall – Communication – Listen carefully
  2. Hidden/Watch – Something may break that cannot be fixed
  3. Action – Enjoy the fruits of your labors and the blessing of solitude

I enjoyed my time at home and spending more time with my partner. We worked together on yard improvements and garden updates even through the hottest months. I was beginning to really enjoy not rushing through my life like I used to before the Pandemic. I’m afraid that will be my new way as I am no longer interested in going back to how it used to be.

September –

  1. Overall – Significant change and challenges
  2. Hidden/Watch – Watch out for someone who seems secretive
  3. Action – Stop obsessing over pain and sorrow

By this time, my partner and I missed the kids so back we couldn’t stand it so we began making plans on how we could get together in a safe way distanced on the back deck we had worked so hard on all summer. I made a new garden that was a lot of work, but the dirt we bought to fill it was full of grass seed. That was the secret I needed to be on the watch for.

October –

  1. Overall – Sublimation of Fear and Moral Strength
  2. Hidden/Watch – Ask for help when you need it. Don’t suffer through it alone
  3. Action – Know yourself. Don’t worry what others think

I finally got to see dear friends and share time and a meal in a safely distanced way that made me feel so much better even as I worried about the election and the actions of he-who-shall-not-be-named.

November –

  1. Overall – Unfinished business
  2. Hidden/Watch – Watch for fulfillment – Will you recognize it?
  3. Action – Make a decision about a connection

This was the month that we spent our first Thanksgiving in nearly two decades by ourselves and not with the kids. We were heart-broken, but found solace in each other and tradition. My personal practice was becoming more important to me and I realized how much I had missed it.

December –

  1. Overall – Critical and malicious thoughts and words
  2. Hidden/Watch – Remember you have the power of all four elements within your reach. Use them
  3. Action – Live a cycle of a strong past, a contented present, and a hopeful future

The maliciousness of the politics was unbearable by this point but I felt very happy with hearth and home and all the decorating I did for Christmas and Yule. We had our people over and spent time on the deck in the wonderful, mild weather where I had decorated a tree to banish the blues. We could stay safe, but see those we loved.

2020 Overall –

  1. Overall – Many opportunities and many potentials, but we must choose a path
  2. Hidden/Watch – Something will end (even if we don’t want it to)
  3. Action – Be determined and courageous

These seem like such simple words to sum up a whole year that was so full of challenges, but also full of lovely lessons, connections, and love. At the end of the year, I have chosen a very different path than the one I started the year off with, and those I love are on that path with me. That makes my heart happy. Many things ended, but I learned I cannot take anything for granted. The year took all my courage and determination to get through safely and still healthy. (It still does!)

The Details and the cards I pulled:

January –

  1. FF – #40 Honesty – One of the Help Line Troupe – Honesty. Compassion. Tact. Deceit. Need truth and straight dealing. Be completely clear. Be truthful with compassion, don’t be unkind.
  2. WU – Ace of Cups – Love’s beginnings. Enter a blissful time of good health, joy, and friendship. A new love could be on the horizon or you may feel you’re making a whole new start.
  3. HR – Knight of Pentacles – Balance the energy of intense inner drive with patience. Timing is everything. Wait to make the right move. Lack of drama does not mean lack of dedication. When the time is right, you can be counted upon to do the right thing.

February –

  1. FF – #1 Unity – One of the Singers of the Realm – Union. Mystical Experience. Spiritual Home. Remember that we are all one. Seek cooperation and community action rather than doing it all on your own. Think in terms of partnership and not hierarchical. Seek the highest good for all involved.
  2. WU – Seven of Pentacles – Period of contemplation. Looking back at your hard work and wondering if it has been successful. Shouldn’t you be reaping more rewards by now? The mind has control over perception. It is possible your rewards are waiting for you to recognize them.
  3. HR – VII Faery Stallion – (Chariot) – It’s time to move forward with confidence and skill. You’ve considered the options, made the plans, now go forward, but remember to enjoy the ride.

March –

  1. FF – #26 O! That Gnome – One of the Sidhe – Trickster. Creative Chaos. Wild Gifts. Breaking habits & patterns. Its time to leap into the air and discover where you will land. The forces of chaos are at work. Things may not be as they seem. Look for the unexpected, find the opportunity in it, and go for it. There is a way to make things better, but in a way you haven’t tried before.
  2. WU – XIV Temperance – Healing. Renewal. Focus on cooperation and compromise and blend the elements of fire and water. If you’ve been excessive, practice self-restraint and moderation. You’ll find a new sense of healing and balance from bringing a little harmony back into your life.
  3. HR – Page of Cups – You are fascinated by emotions and relationships. You are discovering a new level of intimacy with a person or an artistic or creative project. You may be lost in your own world. Share.

April –

  1. FF – #20 The Dark Lady – One of the Sidhe – Rituals. Mysteries. Secrets. Unconscious Power & Wisdom. The Dark Lady is the High Priestess of the Mysteries. She understands how to surrender to Divine Power, to Unity (card #1). She has profound and intuitive knowledge. When we travel through the darkness, inner or outer, we learn the strengths of The Dark Lady. We may reach her through grief, deep surrender, through ecstasy, or profound ritual. It is time to withdraw from the world. What is hidden is getting ready to be revealed.
  2. WU – Four of Cups – Greed. Discontent. An outsider would look at your life and see good but you don’t. There is discontentment, apathy, and even greed. This is a warning. Do not take your situation for granted or the people who supported you along the way. Look around you. What are you truly longing for? NAME IT.
  3. HR – X Fortune Faery – She is a happy omen radiating sunshine. This card is a gift of luck, for the Faeries are smiling on you. Things should begin looking up, or if they are good, they should get even better. Hang on and enjoy the ride.

May –

  1. FF – #30 The Laume – One of the Faery Guides and Guardians – Unconditional giving & unconditional receiving. If you are stuck or blocked in a situation, you need to stop focusing on what you are trying to accomplish and simply give to others – freely, generously, and unconditionally, or you need to receive in the same manner.
  2. WU – Father of Cups – Diplomatic. Open-minded. Truly unique & dynamic personality and very feminine qualities. Patron of the Arts. Dignified and supportive. The only thing holding you back are deeply rooted insecurities. They are vast and affect your personality in many unpredictable ways.
  3. HR – Eight of Cups – Life is stable and OK but you feel as if something is wrong. Search your heart to determine what needs changing and begin your quest. You may not know the destination, but you will know how to begin.

June –

  1. FF – #23 The Green Woman – One of the Sidhe – Wildness. Natural Magic. Expectant gratitude. Untrammeled Creativity. The Green Woman speaks to us of caring for our growing ground and of the physical satisfaction of being our natural selves practicing our own innate magic. This is a time of enhancing the growth of our talents and abilities for a blossoming that will bear fruit. You need boldness and perseverance in the face of adversity to keep growing.
  2. WU – Nine of Pentacles – Happy healthy home. A time to enjoy the results of loyalty and hard work. Enjoy the finer things in life.
  3. HR – Ace of Cups – A card of intimate connection. Denotes a gift, an opportunity, a moment of refreshment for the soul, healing of the heart, and an outpouring of grace. This marks a time of emotional renewal and a fresh start.

July –

  1. FF – #24 The Piper – One of the Sidhe – Music. Order. Harmony. Seduction. Empathy. To get what you want, try polite requests and gentle persuasion – then wait. Seek harmony and tranquility in yourself and your surroundings. Pay attention and be aware of the feelings of others.
  2. WU – V The Hierophant – Mentor. Seeking knowledge. Signifies a hunger for knowledge, practical or spiritual. Deepen your practice. Don’t hesitate. Open your heart. A new teacher will appear.
  3. HR – XVIII The Moon – The situation is complex even if it appears simple. There is no clear black-or-white answer. Is it your dearest hope or greatest fear? Waiting can be helpful. Spend time in the dark with your masters and dreams. Let the subconscious mind and desires show what they want clearly. Tap into that wisdom. Knots unravel and riddles are solved.

August –

  1. FF – #50 Arval Parrot – One of the Help Line Troupe – Communication. Clear communications are vitally important. Strive for verbal brilliance. Listen carefully. Be articulate. Calmly debate issues and explore ideas with others. Open communication will enhance success. Watch body language.
  2. WU – Eight of Cups – Stagnation. Ill Health. This card sends an urgent message to pack your bags and move on. There is no hope of rekindling what’s been lost. You must start anew. Points to phases of illness and physical stagnation. The message could not be clearer; nothing good remains for you here. Lift your eyes to the horizon and let your feet lead you forward.
  3. HR – Nine of Pentacles – Marks a sense of satisfaction that comes from hard work. This is about individual effort; doing the work of your heart, what you know to be good and true. Enjoy the fruits of your labors and the blessing of solitude.

September –

  1. FF – #9 The Singer of Initiation – One of the Singers of the Realm – Passage through trial. Triumph. New level. Breakthrough. Signifies that both significant change and challenges are occurring. Moving to a new realm, a new way of being. Presages a period of success; of seeing, accepting, and using your own powers at a high, ethical level.
  2. WU – Son of Cups – Artistic. Introspective. Excels within the Arts. Successful. Natural tendency to look inward adds to charm and mystique. Might seem secretive and peaceful but carries a dark kernel of intensity.
  3. HR – Three of Swords – Sorrow and pain are a part of life. Acknowledging, feeling, and processing the pain and weaving it into your life as you move forward is a healthy part of the process. But this isn’t that. Your thoughts could become obsessive hamster wheels. The way you are thinking is preventing you from healing and is causing more, perhaps permanent harm. STOP IT!

October –

  1. FF – #8 The Singer of Courage – One of the Singers of the Realm – Bravery. Sublimation of Fear. Moral Strength. Our belief about how the world is, our fear and limitations, were set when we were very young. Have we the courage to discover and break through the limiting beliefs to awaken to new possibilities? Transcend your fears and accept the gift of courage. What are you really afraid of?
  2. WU – Three of Pentacles – Teamwork. Determination. Focus. The task ahead is a momentous one. You must focus all your efforts. Discipline, strategy, and hard work are needed more than ever. If you become weary or overwhelmed, rely on those around you.
  3. HR – Seven of Swords – Know yourself and what you believe in. Understand what you are willing to fight for. Don’t focus on what others think. Don’t make a decision based on what you think might happen. Your ideals should take precedence. Move forward.

November –

  1. FF – #65 The Fee Lion – One of the Faery Challengers – Getting it right. Delayed completions. Tidying up loose ends. The Fee Lion reminds us of things undone, promises unkept, and duties unfulfilled. We can’t expect things to go right when we are trailing so much unfinished business. Take care of the little things that matter to others then we will feel so much better. Be generous.
  2. WU – Ten of Pentacles – Fulfillment. Abundance. Signifies material and spiritual abundance in nearly every area of life. Completion.
  3. HR – Two of Cups – Indicates a moment of chemistry or recognition, when like meets like, when two people are simpatico. These moments are easy to identify because they are filled with energy, with a spark, with magnetism that is undeniable. Could be a romantic attachment, but it doesn’t have to be and could be any intense connection with a person, idea, group, or project. Decisions and promise. May not last.

December –

  1. FF – #55 The Soul Shrinker – One of the Faery Challengers – Cruelty. Malice. Gossip. Curses. Destruction. Blessing. Critical and malicious thoughts and words are having a detrimental effect. Steps need to be taken to banish this curse energy through love and compassion or through forgiveness and a refusal to accept the curse. Take responsibility for your own feelings.
  2. WU – I The Magician – Self-empowerment. A card of boundless, expansive energy. All about action. Don’t be afraid to begin. You have the power of all four elements within your reach. Use them.
  3. HR – Ten of Pentacles – The energy of earth shines brilliantly and portends great things. There is abundance and deep connections with the past. Ongoing cycle of strong past, a contented present, and a hopeful future. Deep roots and forward focus bring a loving spiritual quality, along with physical happiness.

2020 Overall –

  1. FF – #33 Faeries of the Future – One of the Faery Guides and Guardians – Be here NOW. Guidance. Moving forward. There are many opportunities, many potentials, but we must choose a path and then take realistic, practical steps to bring it to fruition. Step forward boldly.
  2. WU – XIII Death – Closure. Transformation. Something in your life needs to END! It needs closure. It will happen whether you want it to or not. Either way, you will feel transformation begin after the initial pangs of suffering have passed.
  3. HR – King of Wands – Deep conviction and passion. Action and Experience. Assesses a situation and makes bold decisions. As soon as a course of action is determined, there is no hesitation. Born to lead. Brings the best and expects no less from everyone else. Determined and courageous. Inspires trust.

Overall the cards described the tumultuous year of 2020 very well.


The month of December 2020

Besides showing Jupiter and Saturn in our night sky nearly touching in their every-two-decades conjunction, (exact on Winter Solstice, but close, close, close from mid-month) the astrology speaks of something new beginning by the end of the year.

Chart: Four positions of thin crescent moon relative to two bright dots very close together.

This is certainly the year we need something new to begin to wash the horrible dust of this year of Pandemic and tRump fuckery off our shoes as we walk into a New Year, but this is bigger. The astrology suggests a new 200-year-cycle will begin. But as with all change, there will be resistance.

I’m looking forward to the change but not to the resistance. If this year has shown us anything, it is how ignorant and mean-spirited people can be in our Western white-supremacist culture. There are things we can do to help but it can get ugly and even with a vaccine, it will be a while until it is safe to resume some of our prior activities. Just as all of our celebrations have been since March of this year, our holidays will be bittersweet. While we are grateful for our health, we know there are many who have caught this horrible virus and lost their lives or may be faced with long-term health issues. And while we are grateful we are not economically impacted by the unjustifiable lack of help and attention from the tRump administration, we know there are many who have lost jobs, homes, and hope.

I hope each of you find some hope in the New Year and solace in the Sacred Dark of the Winter Solstice.

Blessed Be


Coping During COVID

I would like to believe that I am unique and unaffected by the over-culture ‘out there’. I would like that to be true, but I have found that I am far more affected by what is going on in society than I want to be. I am not so invested in the over-culture that I obsess over new fashions or ways to stay looking younger than I am, which seem to be the only thing ‘they’ are selling, but I am affected none-the-less. I think I have had low-grade depression since our lives were disrupted by COVID. I stay up too late, sleep late, or more likely, get less sleep than I need or should and then feel tired and unmotivated. I have not been exercising and have gained weight which really makes me uncomfortable and then more depressed. It is a vicious circle and cycle I seem to get caught in.

In spite of frequent Zoom calls with friends (weekly knit circle Zooms and infrequent ‘coffee’ Zooms with friends), monthly (or more) Zoom meetings for three separate organizations, twice monthly Zooms with my Coven, twice monthly Class facilitator Google Meets for a local organization, and plenty of ‘work’ to keep me busy, even in my retirement, I notice I have a high level of anxiety. My neck and shoulders are tense, and I feel like I am behind in my commitments, even when I am not.

Being busy, in itself, is not so different. I have always been a ‘joiner’ and before COVID was very busy with all that I am involved in. I am the Secretary for my Local Knitting Guild, the President of my all-volunteer Neighborhood Association, the Recorder/Secretary for a National Organization of Witches, and the Webweaver/website creator and public class facilitator for my local Council of Witches. This is the ‘work’ I refer to. I am also a High Priestess to a Coven of six beautiful women who have been struggling with much the same feelings of anxiety and depression or other mental illnesses since this all began. All these commitments are still present but now all the activity has moved online.

This might be part of the problem. Too much online is never good for a body or mind.

I am also a maker. I knit and crochet and make gifts and want to do something creative every day. And even though I find much satisfaction in creating, it does not seem to work out my anxiety or stress. I still enjoy it and have even been reading a little more than I did before COVID and I really enjoy this too, but again, the only thing that seems to work out the anxiety is hard, physical labor. And there is only so many things to do around the house. Once I was done painting the ceiling beams on my deck, building a gigantic new kidney-shaped garden in my front lawn, emptying, turning over the dirt and refilling with new dirt in all my back gardens, replanting, repairing, and replacing my gardens and garden art, tiling and painting different pieces of furniture in my house, and tiling two cupboards and shelves outside, there wasn’t much left to do. I’ve threatened to repaint my large master bedroom, just for something to do, but really don’t want to.

My life does seem to be full of ‘shoulds’. I should be sleeping more, exercising more, drinking less, eating less, and being more productive. Can I blame this on my upbringing in the Calvinistic Mormonism that prides works and productivity more than anything? Perhaps, but it somehow feels different during COVID.

This is why I feel I am not coping as well as I should be.

I have a wonderful partner so am not without human contact, but I do miss contact with my friends and family. I’m also reminded often how fortunate I am to be where I am in life and to have all I do. Even just writing this shows me what I am still keeping up with and all that I have accomplished. I do love to accomplish things… So perhaps I am coping better than I think I am, but it all feels off somehow. I hope this is not the new normal.

via CoG expresses concern for community over COVID-19

December 30, 2018 Winter Solstice Divination for 2019

As I’ve done in years past, (though I am not always consistent), here is my reading for 2019 that was done at the end of 2018.

I used 4 Decks to answer 3 questions. Links to the decks are at the bottom.

  • The Gaian Tarot (GT) by Joanna Powell-Colbert
  • Siren’s Song Lenormand (SSL) by Carrie Paris
  • Froud Faeries Oracle (FF) by Brian Froud with text by Jessica Macbeth
  • Lucky Lenormand (LL) by Monica Bodirsky

The Questions (these may have come from Joanna Powell-Colbert from a course she was offering – I can’t remember now!):

  1. What do I need to leave behind in the Darkness?
  2. What is the calling of my Soul?
  3. What am I being called to do?

Question 1 – What do I need to leave behind in the Darkness?

GT – Guardian of Air – (Queen) Guardian is Protecting and Nurturing the Community. Air is Clarity. Cut through to the truth, even if it hurts. Time to speak the truth, loudly, boldly and with integrity. I declare my own truth with candor and clarity.

SSL – #18 Dog – 10 of hearts – Trustworthiness, companionship, loyalty, reliability, and devotion.

FF – #18 Lady of Harvest – One of the Sidhe – Completion. Greif. Loss. Harvest. Release. Accept change and move on to the next phase.

LL – #37 Lantern – The extra card! Lenormand Decks have only 36 cards, so this may be the Lucky extra. Light my path? Show me the way? A Light in a Dark place?


Leave behind my tendency to see only what I want to and face the ugly truth.

Leave behind my loyalty to those who don’t deserve it. Lose them.

Leave behind my grief and release those that cause me pain. It is done.

Leave behind my desire for only the light and embrace the Sacred Dark. I carry a Lantern to show me the way.

Question 2 – What is the calling of my Soul?

GT – #4 The Builder – (The Emperor) Structure, Boundaries, Foundation. Embrace my authority. Be a leader. I wield my power with wisdom, based on discipline, knowledge, and respect for All That Is.

SSL – #22 Crossroads – Queen of Diamonds – Decisions, options, alternatives, choices, a turning point.

FF – #43 – Geeeeeooo the Slooow – One of the Help Line Troupe – Cycles of time. Slowness. Waiting. Patience. The situation is one that cannot be hurried. Set a pace that can be maintained.

LL – #21 Mountain – 8 of Clubs – An impasse or a challenge. Close to me is an obstacle, far away it is an ally.


Calling is to build strong foundations and take the long view as an ethical and wise leader.

Calling is to consider the alternatives and options at this Crossroad.

Calling is to be patient with the process and allow the cycle the time it needs.

Calling is to overcome challenges. Climb the damn mountain.

Question 3 – What am I being called to do?

GT – Elder of Air – (King) Holding Wisdom, Giving Counsel. Elder of Air offers gifts of inspiration, balance, and clarity. Make ethical decisions that are fair to all. Experience communion with the Divine through worship, praise, or meditation. I am a song of peace and healing for the world.

SSL – #13 Child – Jack of Spades – New starts, little pleasures, innocence, immaturity, novice, something small or something minor.

FF – #57 Luathas the Wild – One of the Faery Challengers – Haste. Impulsiveness. Fire. Spontaneity. Balance. Wild creative energies are being brought to what I am called to do. Can fire up things around it too. New approaches are called for. The old ideas and behaviors won’t do.

LL – #20 Garden – 8 of Spades – Socializing, networking, garden, positive space for growth.


Being called to offer wisdom and create sacred space where enlightenment is possible.

Being called to experience small pleasures like a little child.

Being called to allow the wild energies to bring new ideas and approaches.

Being called to build a positive and healthy space to encourage growth for everyone.


Now that 2019 is over, I can look back at this reading and gauge how accurate it was. WOW!

I didn’t know it at the time, of course, but when I drew these cards at the end of the year, I was being betrayed by someone I had loved dearly and considered a friend and ally. So, the first question about what I should leave behind was eerily accurate regarding the grief that would come later and how I should leave behind those that were causing me pain. My loyalties were misplaced.

Regarding the question about the Calling of my Soul was also astoundingly accurate. Due, in part, by the betrayal and other equally horrible events that occurred, I decided to leave my old Tradition. I had already determined that I would build a new Tradition, and I did and am STILL working on it, but at the time, I had not decided whether I would also leave my old Tradition. I could have kept the old and built the new too. Unbeknown to me though, I was at a Crossroad, and I would end up choosing to leave behind the old and build the new. Everything for the rest of the year has been all about my new Path. I have been very patient, taking my time and seriously considering what it is I want me and my Coven to experience.

I am not sure whether the things I was called to do would not have been things I might have done anyway, but working on a new Witchcraft Tradition, being High Priestess to an awesome Coven, teaching public classes, and performing public rituals, as well as ministering to those who seek me out is what I did this year. I still get excited by the sight of a beautiful sunset or sunrise or a beautiful sky and take great pleasure in that. I also attended events that gave me a whole new approach to ritual, magic, and the Divine. So I did do what I was called to do (but I may have done that anyway)!

All, in all, the reading was very accurate, which is worrisome because the cards I just pulled for 2020 have some hard aspects in them! We shall see!

Both of the Lenormand Decks are sold out, but the Gaian Tarot and Froud Faeries Oracle are available. Click to see the decks:





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