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At The Tree Of Knowledge


The fruit of the tree of knowledge is a delectably beautiful thing

Wrapped within each divine fruit dwells a diffusion of truth

Our being, which is wholly connected to the energy that makes us, 

desires and burns for this truth.


Once this truth is taken within us we know

and are born again into a state of separateness.

Thus, we continue to seek and desire divine truths

until once again we are reborn combining the completeness 

of divine energy and the knowledge of truth we have tapped into.


We, each of us, wisely chose to eat of this fruit time and time again.

We chose our paths.



our path.

Somewhere we sit already complete in divine energy and truth.


But here, on Momma Gaia, the path that 

I have chosen becomes manifest as does the truth I seek.

And wild in the woods of this plane of existence, I continue to seek with my 

kin, truth and wholeness. 

Truth and wholeness, that begins at the Tree of Knowledge.


by Lily

Tree of Knowledge Initiate


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Our Mother


Our Mother who art within us

Each breath brings us to you.

Thy wisdom come,

Thy will be done

as we honor your presence within us.

You give us this day all that we need.

Your bounty calls us to give and receive

all that is loving and pleasurable.

You are the courage that moves us

to be true to ourselves

and we act with grace and power.

We relax into your cycles of

birth, growth, death, and renewal.

Out of the womb, the darkness, the void,

comes new life.

For you are the Mother of All Things.

Your body is the Sacred Earth

and our bodies.

Your love nurtures us and unites us all.

Now and forever more.


Dale Allen

(a woman)



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I’ve become enamored of Pinterest.  Such a simple thing, yet it touches the muse in me.  After ‘collecting’ such beautiful photos of art and/or the natural world, I was inspired to paint last night.  I haven’t done that in far too long, and I lose myself in it.  Blissful…



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