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For the second month in a row, I have been exceedingly fortunate to be looking at just the right place in the sky at just the right time in the evening to behold the beautiful Horns of Isis.

In January it was uncharacteristically cold for my part of the country.  The sky was very dark and the stars I could see in my heavily populated city were sparkling more than usual.  The shining sliver of the new moon chalice hung on the bottom of the orb so brightly the outline of the entire moon could be seen.

That I should be out on such an evening, and should be looking at that point in the night sky, at just that perfect time of night was luck itself.  The Horns of Isis New Moons are my bell-weather for new beginnings.  I’ve only just realized what a familiar friend she is and when I happen to notice her gaze on me, I remember the cycles that are so easily forgotten with the busy-work of living life each day.

So imagine my wonderful surprise to again catch her eye this New Moon on the Chinese New Year in a misty cold sky.  That she was glowing through the soft clouds at just the right time of evening at just the right place in the sky for my wondering gaze for the second month in a row is nearly a miracle.  The open cup of the smallest sliver of new moon again highlighted the outline of the entire moon through the growing mist.

It made me smile with happiness to be gifted with such a beautiful sight for the second month in a row.  I will look to Mother Isis to see what message she has for me.  She is calling.

horns of isis moon

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