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Daily Om…

I receive a daily communication of beautiful thoughts that often touch me called the Daily Om.  If you aren’t familiar and haven’t signed up you are missing a wonderful chance to stop for a moment in your busy day and reflect.  You can sign up here: http://www.dailyom.com/cgi-bin/userinfo/settings.cgi?subscribe=1

Often, these missives validate my thoughts and feelings or resonate with what is going on in my life.

In late July and early August, I received these two that were like a breath of fresh air.  They reminded me that I should act upon my desire to write and perhaps I should start with my own story…

 July 29, 2013
Personal Tales
Writing Your Story

by Madisyn Taylor

We all have a story to tell whether we publish it or keep it for just ourselves or family; allow yourself to be heard.

August 13, 2013
Letting Your Voice Be Heard
Writing Your Story

by Madisyn Taylor

Writing your own story can provide an outlet which can help purge any frustration, anxiety, or long-dormant feelings.

Then, just days before I am to leave on a 15 day trip with my sister to Great Britain to see Scotland again, I receive this one.  I need the new perspective.  Work has been difficult; stressful with very long days and my health has minor issues that demand my attention, but come at an inopportune time.

August 23, 2013
Going Away to Go Within

by Madisyn Taylor

Going on retreat is a time to cocoon so that we may emerge ready to return to our lives with a new perspective.

Today, I received this one.  As High Priestess of The Tree of Knowledge Coven, I often think of life and how I move through life in Tree terms; “swaying with the breeze”, “withstanding the storm by being flexible”, “deep roots for a firm foundation”, “changing with the seasons”, and “releasing what is necessary in its time” to name just a few.

August 26, 2013
Peeling Away the Layers
Trees Shedding Their Bark

by Madisyn Taylor

Like a tree our growth depends upon our ability to soften, loosen, and shed boundaries and defenses we no longer need.

So I think I have a mission.  I must open myself up during this upcoming vacation so that I might tell my story and fully integrate my experiences to heal.  No small feat.  Wish me luck…


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