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Back in August, I wrote about my love affair with the new crescent moon.  I have chanced upon and observed the new moon crescent shining in the evening or night sky since the beginning of the year.  It has informed my life in wonderful and surprising ways.  With a minimum of research, I learned that the ancient and revered crescent symbolized Moon Gods and Moon Goddesses since at least the second millennium before our common era.  In some cultures, the crescent was a symbol for Wisdom.  When I think of Wisdom, it brings to mind the Goddess Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom whose roots are as ancient as the symbol of the crescent itself.  It was Sophia that I meditated upon while waiting to take my first degree vows into a local Wiccan tradition in 2006, but I didn’t know her name then.  I know her name now, and think she has been a thread within my worship of all Goddesses since being introduced to her all those years ago.

2013-11-06 18.06.02

November Waxing Crescent Moon
pic from Author’s Back Yard

When I began this note in mid-November, it was to be about the wonderful, beautiful, miraculous, shining crescent moon in the night sky, but you can see what happens when I contemplate that beautiful crescent moon!  My thoughts tumble over all the synchronous magic that this wonderful path opens up to me.  The new moon in the early part of the year hangs low as the “Horns of Isis” so all Summer I believed that it might be Isis who was reaching out to me.  At a New Moon ritual, we journeyed to meet a Goddess we needed to receive a message from and then we painted what and who we saw.  I believed mine to be Isis and painted a Goddess with a halo and wings who was light personified.  Perhaps it was not Isis at all.  Perhaps that vision too, was Sophia.  It would make sense as to what I felt and saw.

Waxing Crescent taken by author from outside York, UK

Waxing Crescent pic by author in York, UK

Late in August, I was about to leave on a journey to Great Britain and hoped I would find the new moon in those Northern skies so as not to break this ‘spell’ I was under.  I am happy to report the magic was still alive, for I did see the mysterious waxing crescent and even got some pictures of her in those dark Northern skies in early September.  She looks especially Celtic and mysteriously misty, doesn’t she?  I was thrilled to finally have a break in the clouds to find her after weeks in Scotland in the mist.

In early October, back at home and catching up from my overseas trip, I am preparing to initiate my first student into The Tree of Knowledge Coven.  Just weeks after initiation we will travel to Oklahoma for a Vision Quest, a first for the coven.  I am reminded of all these firsts when I am pleasantly surprised by the October new moon waxing beautifully in the Western sky.

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