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More May Poetry

Night Fall


Peach clouds, soft gray sky

Bright crescent moon above me

Gloaming to sunset.


Earth-shine on the moon

Rounding the crescent to full

Light is reflected.


Fireflies are dancing

At the liminal dark edge

My favorite time.


Dark now, moon in haze

Bugs singing in the dark trees

Night fall is complete.


Scents and sounds of night

Jasmine and honeysuckle

Music to my nose.



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May Poetry


The gloaming shade of evening settles deeply upon me

Reminding me that I too am in the evening of my life.

A glowing orange horizon peeks through silhouettes of trees

Reflecting illuminated moments of my life obscured by dark uncertainties.

No breeze yet to waft the sweet scent of jasmine to my waiting nose

As I often waited for the perfect “something” before living my authentic life.

A soft breeze begins as early fireflies advertise their desire to an empty shade

Did I also waste my precious brilliance to abuse and indifference?

Evening gives way to night, the dark hiding the jasmine from sight but not smell

Will I know the foreign language of Old Age when my evening passes into night?

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