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The month of December 2020

Besides showing Jupiter and Saturn in our night sky nearly touching in their every-two-decades conjunction, (exact on Winter Solstice, but close, close, close from mid-month) the astrology speaks of something new beginning by the end of the year.

Chart: Four positions of thin crescent moon relative to two bright dots very close together.

This is certainly the year we need something new to begin to wash the horrible dust of this year of Pandemic and tRump fuckery off our shoes as we walk into a New Year, but this is bigger. The astrology suggests a new 200-year-cycle will begin. But as with all change, there will be resistance.

I’m looking forward to the change but not to the resistance. If this year has shown us anything, it is how ignorant and mean-spirited people can be in our Western white-supremacist culture. There are things we can do to help but it can get ugly and even with a vaccine, it will be a while until it is safe to resume some of our prior activities. Just as all of our celebrations have been since March of this year, our holidays will be bittersweet. While we are grateful for our health, we know there are many who have caught this horrible virus and lost their lives or may be faced with long-term health issues. And while we are grateful we are not economically impacted by the unjustifiable lack of help and attention from the tRump administration, we know there are many who have lost jobs, homes, and hope.

I hope each of you find some hope in the New Year and solace in the Sacred Dark of the Winter Solstice.

Blessed Be



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