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Random thoughts from long ago that still hold true for me…

It seems so impersonal; writing on a computer. Not feeling the pen moving across the page. Not fretting over the poor penmanship, or worrying whether you will be able to read your own handwriting at some future point in time. No angst over misspelled words or misplaced paragraphs. Typing on a keyboard allows the thoughts to flow without emotional attachment. Perhaps that is the reason that so much of society is no longer personally engaged, but skims through life in sound bites and what passes for relationships in facebook posts.

I’ve often thought it was a positive movement that Bill Gates and Microsoft revolutionized human intercourse by putting a personal computer within most everyone’s reach. One must almost actively avoid using a computer; much like those who have eschewed Television for loftier pastimes or to make a political statement.

But now I am not so sure the revolution was good for humanity. We have more and faster access to information of all sorts, whether we want it or not, but what has happened to our relationships? What price did we pay for instant encyclopedic definitions and superficial interactions with our friends and neighbors? We can keep in contact with distant kith and kin, but isn’t email and texting more often being used to communicate with those who are within arm’s reach when we don’t want to reach out our arms?

Have we lost our ability to negotiate the intricacies of deep intimacy? Have I?


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