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I wrote this long ago before my cat passed away and back when I still went into the office on a regular basis. I work mostly from home now and my cat has been gone many years. When my boyfriend traveled for work, she and I would hear a noise, look up from what we were doing to see that no one was there. Then we would look at each other and go back to what we were doing.

But one day, something ‘felt’ different… 

I had the gut-check sensation that someone had been in my house without my knowledge or permission today.  The water button was pushed on the refrigerator instead of the ice cube button.  A very small thing, but I know without a doubt that I left the ice cube button pushed last night when I went to bed.  I didn’t check it or use it when I left for work this morning but there it was tonight; the water button light was on.  The power had been shut off at some point during the day and I was greeted with clocks blinking the wrong time when I got home.

I later thought it odd that I was more concerned about the fact that a real person might have been in my house today than I am about the spirits that I believe live and move around the house all the time.  It is an old house, built in 1939, back when permits were not required and people did whatever they could to live.  I love this house but I know that there are more people living here than me, my boyfriend, and my cat.  Doors open by themselves and cracks and creaks go through the house at all times of the day and night.  The cat and I look up and nod to the others who live here too.



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