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My Backyard is a River

Backyard is a River

Photo by Author of Author’s Backyard – Link back if used, please.

I sit on my deck, overlooking my backyard – a serene sea of green.

Breathing in the sights and sounds of my sanctuary I smell a river on the breeze,

A lingering essence of the recent rain.

I’m in a cocoon of green between the tall trees that surround me – safe in the soft green light.

Doves visit the bird feeder, softly whistling as they fly away, while

Squirrels scrabble up the pecan tree chasing each other and jump to the twin hackberries woven together.

Woven as I am – to this land, this house, this life.


Hanging from the trees so low they nearly touch the garden,

Voluptuous ponytails of ivy sway in the soft breeze,

While wind chimes softly announce the coming dusk.

My favorite liminal time – the hard labor of the day is done,

The evening’s diversions have yet to begin.

I sit and watch, draining the busy day away, remembering to see with new eyes

Noticing everything is verdant and fragrant – everything is so alive.


A wild bunny appears, munching in the tall grass, nearly invisible and so small and vulnerable.

Suddenly, a red-tailed hawk flies into the garden, magnificent striped feathers splayed out for my view!

Alighting on a short shepherd’s hook, the predator turns and just as suddenly flies straight toward me!

The bunny scampers to safety under the deck at my feet as the hawk swoops so close my heart nearly stops!

Thankfully, the hunter is empty-handed and chased from the yard by two very loud blue jays!

I realize my sanctuary is home but also a dangerous place for some.

Like the hidden dangers in every lived life – uncertainty and destruction are always near.


The evening wind picks up and spins the pinwheels in the garden,

Blowing the scent of the oak-leaved hydrangeas to my hungry nose.

Flowers explode in color, now that the harsh sun has fallen behind the trees.

Martins circle high overhead, joy-riding on the upsweep thermal winds.

Shadows lengthen at the edges, painting the bushes a deeper shade of green.

Faeries begin emerging, their clothes the color of May – as invisible and present as the bunny.

My heart sings with the wonder of it all, so full of gratitude.


Darker now, fireflies begin their lovely dance,

Soft lights in the dark at the edges, traveling stars in the gloaming.

The sky has turned a gentle shade of pink, illuminating the darkened trees as if they were on display.

My soul is bursting to be present in such beauty – I send love to all my family – of the heart and blood

Unbidden, my ancestors and dear ones send me overwhelming love in return.


All around me is love – my backyard is a river of love.

I see it in the pink clouds in the blue-gray sky,

Feel it in the dimming sunset,

Sense it in the underground river,

Hear it in the land singing in trees.


My tears flow freely.

Who am I to receive such riches?


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