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My jasmine-scented backyard draws me to sit and rest like nothing else can.

It is evening – when the aromas are most powerful, and I am sitting in the gathering gloaming.

I can smell honeysuckle and the long blooms on my oak-leaf hydrangea that has grown taller than me this year.

I’m watching the shadows deepen as I bathe in Nature’s perfume.

The late Spring/early Summer evening is heavy with love.

I am glad to see the first fireflies in the deepening gloom.

Their love-dance of momentary brilliance seems fraught with desperation but their flight is so Fae it makes me happy.

Even with the traffic sounds, it is serene in my backyard.

I am serene.

How can I so love a world that shows me such tender beauty that even the breeze holds Her breath,

Yet a hometown away, a dear loved-one struggles to live, just one more day?

I’ve performed my magic and chanted my chants and lifted her into the care of She-Who-Hears-Our-Suffering and She-Who-Heals.

She is there and I am here, and we are both under the same sickle-new-moon.

O’ Moon, send her my love and bear her to the other side on your gentle moonbeams.

May her passing, when it comes, be as serene as my soul in my backyard.

It is the best I could wish her for her journey.



For my sister-in-law, Debbie

May 2018


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My coven, Tree of Knowledge, hived from the Circle of the Wild Wood.  Circle of the Wild Wood hived from Coven Aspen Leaf.  So my coven is a Tree who came from a Wood who came from a Leaf.  I thought this very synchronous, though it was not at all planned that way.  We are all trees…

Then July 29, I get this horoscope.  (Yes, just posting it late!)

I just laughed…

Keep the entire forest within your vision now, even if you’re overly attached to one particular tree. Try not to make a fuss over the circumstances that are attracting you to the most special thing in your world. The woods are full of all kinds, shapes and sizes of trees, shrubs and grasses. Naturally, you can’t touch every one of them, but you can employ your imagination to explore the incredible variety. Your life is a spectrum of possibilities waiting to be discovered.

My life IS a spectrum of possibilities just waiting to be discovered.  Just like the myriad leaves on a magnificent Tree.  All perfect.  Appearing the same, yet all different and fluttering to different winds.

What in your life is just waiting to be discovered?

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